Inside Man

“Don’t judge a crime by its cover”… i should have paid more attention to the tagline for Inside Man before i started watching it. Started off as a usual bank robbery story, the kind we got to see in films ranging from heat to speed. The story was about anything but a bank robbery.

Clive Owen starts off with his own narrative about the story and then the stroy turns into how a bank robbery turns into a hostage situation and how a detective played by Denzel Washington assisted by Willem Dafoe try to diffuse the situation. The story takes so many twists and turns that it kept me guessing till the last minute. Jodie Foster and Christopher Plummer make appearances. even though Foster was shown as the female lead she gets lesser screen time compared to the male leads, Willem Dafoe too gets a lesser amount of screen time. Like most of the heist movies it is primarily the sparring between the cop and the robber that is given more importance (don’t let that fool you…there’s more to the duel between the two men that does not come out until the penultimate scene).

Quite a brilliant Spike Lee joint…..