12 Angry Men

The issue of opinions of the individual vs the collective opinion of a group is always one of paramount importance in a society. One such issue, albiet in a very closed environ of a  room and with a group of 12 men is explored in Sidney Lumet’s 12 Angry Men.

A verdict of guilty or not guilty involving a murder case, and 12 jurors ( an all male cast as the name suggests..) who decide upon the accused and his fate forms the crux. When the movie begins, all jurors save one ( played by Henry Fonda ) are convinced beyond reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty. The story proceeds through a mixed bag of human nature protrayed by the 12 actors. The dialogues are excellent and so is the acting, in some of the later parts in the movie the camera itself behaves more human than like a machine.

In one word, a masterpiece……