Banquets !!!!

Been quite a long time since i jotted down ( literally !!) a word, so here goes….

Today happened to be the occassion of the marriage of one of my erstwhile collegemates. All the pomp and gaiety that accompanies a marriage function here in kerala were present, but the most exciting part was yet to come. In trivandrum one of the most common sport items is the sadya (the wedding banquet), dont get me wrong it requires the strategic moves and tactical intelligence of a commando to eat out here.

Needless to say, the most mild mannered of people become utterly ferocious when it comes to eating a sadya. I have been to marriages wherein i had to literally push n heave my way in to eat, one thing to always remember is to never stand by the door when people come down for the food. I made that mistake once and was in effect carried ( albeit unwillingly ) to a great distance inside the hall.

Back to the story…me,naru & jackie were the commando team for the day and our first attempt to infiltrate the hall was snubbed. All seats were packed and we even had people standing behind seats preparing for their chances. We returned a spare ten mintues later and began walking around in the hope of finding a seat, no luck.FInally naru opted for another plan of action and we took our posts behind seats and man…was it embarassing to stand behind people as they ate away to glory.Well, we had to keep our pride aside for the sake of food. No longer had the occupants got up that we took our seats and it began… thing to notice is that we get to see people who rush into halls as if they had been starving for weeks altogether and once on the seats they hardly take a fistful ( the irony !!!!)

All that was laid down in the plantain leaf was done and dealt with and no sooner had i gotten up that my seat was taken away……

PS : This happens probably due to one reason that a good share of people in trivandrum are either govt employees or otherwise people who do not have much time at hand…and nobody wants to take an entire day off in the account of a wedding ( if that be the case then people would be on leave 365 days a year !!!)