E Pluribus Unum !!!!

I have a certain trait that i would like to call “blogger’s block”, i seriously doubt if such a word even exists but still this is the closest to what i feel now.There are a bunch of half finished posts lying in my drafts section and it got a bit too much for me today and here i am drafting a post.

Back from work and having tea is probably the only time i watch tv and every single one of the channels that i skipped over today had one topic blaring outĀ  “OBAMA”. Agreed, he is a symbolic figure one who has the burden of history on his shoulders as he steps into the white house. Indian media is all ga ga over the guy who is yet to assume office, all i see is a man who will have to sort and sift through a great big mess thanks to mr.W. A sagging economy, a mess in Iraq and so many other images face him.

One singular usage that i heard about the US president still stays with me. Someone had once referred to POTUS as the world’s most powerful CEO and i sincerely hope Obama lives upto that image. The worlds most powerful office is in a state of shambles and all it takes is one man’s resolve to steer things clear. The road ahead is a difficult oneĀ  and one man who has taken a nation by storm has a great deal of hope thrust on him…good luck n godspeed to the president.