Horror movies are mostly messy affairs with loads of screaming,swearing and gore but Poltergeist is one of a kind in the sense that it is a family friendly horror flick. Even though this movie is older than me, this is one flick i have come to love.

A happy family moves into a new house that is almost picture perfect, hte reality however is something else. The house is built above an ancient tribal burial ground, the spirits are playful at first and those are scenes that even children would enjoy. The tables are turned quickly and the movie takes off from there. Steven Spielberg was the executive producer for the movie and the signature spielberg touch could be seen at places. What couldhave been a run-of-the-mill horror flick is made a throughly enjoyable 2 hours. Heather’o Rourke as Carol Anne steals the show alnog with Jobeth Williams who plays her mother. The tagline “they’re here..” is a real spine tingler even at this time and to add to it the special effects are real grand for a movie of the 1980’s.

A really enjoyable horror movie….