The Interpreter

Had high hopes for this movie before it began.Nicole Kidman,Sean Penn & Sydney Pollack…a combination to look forward to, the story was a bit cliche-ridden but otherwise it is a very enjoyable movie.

Tells the story of an interpreter ( played by Kidman) with the UN who overhears snatches of conversation concerning an assassination plot involving a tyrant from an African nation. In comes the secret service in the form of Sean Penn. Kidman’s character has a shady past that puts her high on the radar for the investigators.The story then goes over twists and turns and finally ends up with an comparitively satisfactory climax. Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman are wonderful in their roles, but at times it almost feels that the story line and the script lets them down at places. What could have been a crackling political thriller often becomes an exercise in lethargy as the viewer gets the feel that the story does not know which way to take.The film has its good moments, but most of the scenes have the been-there-seen-that kind of looks.

One thing that stayed with me even after the movie was a remark that Kidman’s character makes that Vengeance is but a lazy form of grief ( something to think about ???)