Michael Crichton has passed on…through the curtain of time into an allegedly timeless horizon. The writer holds a very special place in my literary pantheon, for he introduced me to the dazzling world of English fiction. Back to the time in school when the only English movie known to us malayali kids was Jurassic Park, we ( about 6 of us of varied ages ) all thronged before a VCR ( a rage then !!) and watched a pirated copy of JP. Even though i could not make much sense of it i was baffled by the dinosaurs. It was then that some wise guy in school made the discovery that this wasin fact from a novel. I managed to procure a copy somehow and wonder of wonders…could not even understand a single thing !!!! But after skipping through a few hundred pages it raced along so fast that i finished it very quickly. That was my first experience with a “grown-up” novel….

I re-read it so many times that i lost count of it and another fact to come out of the reading was that i learned quite a lot of swear words ( well there are first experiences for everything i guess !!!). Things moved on and so did time and among a lot of pages and authors Crichton was somehow lost to me after The Lost World and Congo. It wasrecently that i found the novel Timeline in a dust laden corner of the library and somehow i could remember the thrills and chills of JP ( sounds cheesy !!), somehow the sense of thrills failed to be stirred and i could somehow finish the book. One fine day on November 4, somebody pinged me on chat to tell me he had passed on and all those images came tumbling back to me.

To the author who introduced me to this wonderful world of fiction, peace be with you always !!!!