The Magnificient Seven




The good old days of the wild west in the movies…tough heroes, hapless heroines, showy villains and all the other blah blah is now a rarity. Ever since coming across movies like Unforgiven, 3:10 to Yuma and The proposition i have liked the harsh and more brazen way of stroytelling in those movies. John Sturges’s The Magnificient Seven was simply and purely a wonderful watch inspite of being nothing like the aforementioned stories.

The storyline is adapted from Kurosawa’s Shichinin No Samurai, a small community of farmers forever harried by a bandit Calvera (Eli Wallach) hires a group of seven gunmen to deal with the menace. What would have been a run-of-the-mill action story is converted into a very interesting 128 min by the stellar cast and the quirky dialogues. Cool is given a new definition by the 7 guys. Yul Brynner is very convincing as the leader of the pack with a vary outlook towards wayward violence. Steve McQueen is quick with his wisecracks as Vin. Two of the seven are given very little screen time, but the over acting-at-times Horst Buchholz as Chico makes up for most of the lighter moments in the film including a mushy little romantic twist in the story.

The good old ideals of honesty,loyalty,justice are given much importance in the movie, maybe that makes the movie all the more interesting. One of the timeless classics…