Dictionary.com has about four definitions for leadership listed under it among which one is : an act or instance of leading; guidance; direction. A leader of a group of leaders are ideally what would symbolise  from something as microcosmic as a school to something on the bigger end of the scale as a country. I chose to insert the word ideally in the last sentence almost deliberately for in the real sense of the world, this is rarely the case.

Recently during a conversation with one of my seniors at work, he made a remark that has stuck to the back of my mind for quite some time now. The point he made was very simple in the sense that there is a marked difference between born leaders and self ( or otherwise) made leaders.The old saying goes that leaders are not made and are born. It is a point on which i beg to differ, there are people whom i have seen and met who have risen to leadership with nothing but sheer grit and the will to learn as their arsenal. If for the born leader the traits and underlying nuances of leadership comes in a smooth flow, then for the made leader the flow has to be consciously made to flow in a direction best suited to the situation.

My span of vision on this subject is limited but still its an mazing prospect to look at, one that shows a kaledioscope of possibilities each time it is looked at.