Musing !!!

I did my education and pursue my career in two different lanes. My degree equipped me with the very basics of a collection of technical skills while my job ensures that i interact with the very human beings that make this technology tick.

The people outside work whom i meet ask me ” why HR ??” and in my mind i retort “why not HR??” (PS : am too polite ask this to them inĀ  the face).Books,blogs and articles galore adorn the net and bookshops alike with ideas that elevate HR into the higher constellations of organizational power, but in the eyes of the common man HR is back office. Start along the lines of strategic HR to a software engineer and he/she sits dumbstruck and the next question that obviously would follow would be ” strategic what ??”.

Many an article praises HR to be a function wherein partnering with the business goals and lining yourselves to the business objectives forms the crux of the job. My perspective of the job differs from this in many a way,i feel a job well done when some body calls me up or emails me with a simple thanks. A profile that heavily relies on customer service, there could be flowers and hailstones both headed your way. If it’s your lucky day then you could have both in the same day, but still its a thrill.

There is a still a long way to go, the amount and depth of ideas and principles that i come across does baffle me and interest me to the same degree. Learning is a buck that will never stop….