Ghosts, a favourite topic of mine. Where childhood days gave me quite a fearful look at the concept, age made me more interested in it. The way in which a window creaks in the night or a dress flutters in the night wind where all attributed at first response to a ghost in childhood days. Still vividly remember renting a video casette of a werewolf movie and returning it after 20 mins viewing ( i lied tht the casette was not working :-P).

Reading and talking with friends gave me a broader look at the entire phenomenon. Once a friend who was studying biotechnology told me : every molecule in the body stores energy and when someone dies abruptly, all the energy is released in one shot and where does all this go ?? will this be what you call a ghost ?? could be..couldn’t be.Mythology and folklore in India gives the concept wings and what flies out from this one concept is one manifestation too many.

All these thoughts chunred through my mind as i was reading William Peter Blatty’s Exorcist, powerfully written and makes an effort to scientifically explain what causes a posession ( if something like that exists that is !!!). Most of my blog posts doesn’t even make sense to me let alone someone else !!!