Of studies among other things

Laziness…what a blissful state of being, have been lazy as far back as i can remember and its such a nice thing to be !!! There was indeed a special thrill to being lazy right the day before the exams when in college. The slope of the curve that may symbolise the zest for studies is always one that seems like falling off a cliff. In the tenth std it was at its highest and as i reached 12th the graph started sliding down slowly and during the four years of graduate studies the curve might have went down faster than a roller coaster on a plunge….

Thinking back on the so called “studies” during college brings some endearing pictures to mind. Every engineering student at one point of time or the other goes through an exercise named combined studies ( though its anything but studies !!). A picture that still remains is one where us guys had an overnight stay (one among the many) at Sree’s place, after the customary round of studies we climbed atop the terrace and jus lay there looking at the sky. Am not poetic, not in the sense of the word but it was indeed a beautiful sight to be beneath the starlit sky with the people with whom u spend five days a week. We talked, the time was when we were approaching the final years of studies and most of the talk centred around the jobs that most of us would go to, if (or how) everyone would stay in touch and so on and so forth….the picture is still etched vividly on my memory.

A lot of water has flown under the bridge since then and the inevitable grasp of change has grabbed us all, but in the rare chances that we get to meet up this picture surfaces once a while. All that i see on the faces of my mates is something i could not fathom ( was it nostalgia ??? or was it a sense of warmth ??)