Mr and Mrs Smith


Here’s the story : Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are assassins and married to each other, somebody pits them against each other and BANG,BANG,BOOM….end of story. It was as simple as this. Around the time this movie came out, the two were already a couple ( the hot property in holloywood) and Doug Liman, the director makes ample exploitation of this fact. Don’t get me wrong Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a good entertainer ( along the no-brainer¬† lines that is ).

There are shootouts and explosions galore, steamy love scenes and attempts at comedy ( some of which falll flat and some which draw the occassional chuckle ). Proved to be a very light hearted movie inspite of being a thriller complete with a happy ending. The entire focus is on the couple, I waited in vain for a villain to show up…there were a bunch of balaclava clad hitmen who did nothing but got shot,stabbed,kicked and punched at. It would be almost a sin to expect more from a star couple movie.

Entertaining to a fair extent…