Duh !

There is this word – befuddlement which in earlier times referred to an alcohol induced stupor. But right now it corresponds to something of utter confusion. I got this feel a little while ago when I started to read the back pages of a journal that I used to keep a long time ago. The exact feeling can never be transcribed into words and yet it is something akin to reading a book by someone else. It always leaves me with a thought that ‘Well it is surprising that I wrote that !’. For the last few months, all the writing that I could conjure was chained to the pages of the journal. To put it a tad more lightly, the feeling of pen on paper was a fantastic one. It also made me realize that my handwriting has turned out to be absolutely horrendous right now ! Pretty funny what writing can teach you about yourself.

Does this mean I will write a blog post every so often ? Perhaps not, I am still cozy with the journal and the pen with occasional forays online with the Goodreads reviews. The blog is an alien landscape now for all I know.


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