What next ?

Quite a few days and weeks have passed since I wrote a little bit of a story that had been doing its rounds inside my head. After signing off in a rather flimsy way as ‘End of Part I’, I am now at a loss to write the rest of it. There have been a few possible scenarios that I thought of but all of which I rejected. They were either a little to melodramatic or too morose to be put down in real words. In short I have not been able to strike the balance needed to write that little piece again. Looking back at what I have wrote, I find it to be a touch too unrealistic. It reminds me of Terry Pratchett minus the humor of course ! I still continue to think how I shall continue that tale and sooner if not later, the assumption is that it shall come to me. Until then !

Comics of the Indian variety has been a rarity for me. Out here in the southern tip of the country, my only access was to the grand old Tinkle and Amar Chithra Katha of yester years. So it was with a sense of curiosity that I went into Vijyendra Mohanty & Vivek Goel’s Ravanayan. It turned out to be a good spell, the whole concept of looking at the Ramayana from the antagonist’s POV. Then again I started off on another set of comics named Comic Jump. There are three story lines at play here :

  • Northern Song : Monster Hunters Inc. ;
  • Shaurya : Too early to comment but it could be India’s answer to X-Men;
  • The Rabhas Incident : Possibly the best of the lot so far. Zombie Survival being the buzz word.
There should be more of such endeavors. People who mine down into the myths & legends that India harbors and come up with stunning story lines rooted in places and characters we recognize rather than go about regurgitating the western style of doing comics !

Woes !

A story lies half written on my blog & it is not that I have any intention of forsaking it. But as always on a weekend in between reading I logged on to facebook chat and an interesting thought came to me.

For a 20-something guy/girl working with a corporate firm, a typical chat with an old acquaintance goes like this :



How are you ??

Good. U ?

Good too.

Gr8. How’s life ?

Going along. You ?

The same.


So where are you now ??

I am with *** at *** and you ?

Oh I am still with ****.

You are still with them !! Why ? Not jumping companies ?

Er…not yet !

Why ?? Haven’t planned ?

Not exactly

Hmmm ok


So when you getting married ?

Well…I…don’t know !

Oh…haven’t found anyone ? Parents not looking ?

Not exactly.

That’s sad. Well I gotta go. C u later.

Bye !

So there lies the heart and soul of an internet conversation. The two capital crimes you can commit as a professional in a corporate firm are :

  1. Not jumping companies every couple of years.
  2. Not finding a possible suitor/arranged marriage.
Yes, I know I am taking a fatalistic view here when I call these crimes. But in making conversation with someone you haven’t met in a long time can’t people think of something ingenious to say ?
I had to vent the steam and there was no avenue but this to do it. I had at least three different people asking me the same question today. I finally signed out.For in a world as seen through your eyes, I can only mutter :  Mea Culpa Mea Culpa Mea Maxima Culpa ladies & gents !!