Where have I been ?

It is an oft repeated sequence of events :  I blog at a feverish pace for a while and then owing to a multitude of reasons stop doing it. None of those reasons are worth much. What it all finally distills down to is lethargy. That monstrous little feeling which stops you from doing many a thing while offering you a cradle of nonchalance fluffed up with warmest blankets of idleness.

I have not been idle in the time that I spent away from blogging. There have been people and many a time I felt like a wallflower which everyone sees but no one notices.  A lot of people walk into life and a lot of people walk out of it and like a monument you watch all the flow enveloping you in fleeting memories. This image was strongly imprinted on my mind when I stood waiting for my friends at a railway station in Eastern India. It was still early morning and the commuter traffic was just beginning. All around me flowed the never ending sea of humanity. Trains arrived and departed disgorging passengers on to the platforms who then ran to get into another train pulling out of the station.It is like that scene in countless movies : a character staying stationary while all around him a crowd moves as if put on fast forward mode.  It is when I stood like that that the analogy of it with people in my life became a lot clearer to me. Sometimes such little images tell a lot of tales.

There have been travels and there has been a lot of experiences in the little break that I took. As always in my life, there has been a lot of books in the mean time too. Those little bundles of paper and words that lead away into lands of fantasy ( pure escapist thoughts that !).