Tick tock….2011

It is a new year today. People toil 364 (or 5 depending on the year) days to spend the night of the 31st partying their brains out. I have never been a party animal and could never figure that part out. But looking at the happily drunk faces and the sweat drenched attire I could say that they enjoy it beyond measure. I closed the lid on New Year in a not so stylish way, with three of my friends driving along a rather deserted stretch of road. It was an unexpectedly good moment.

The year that went by has been one which i would love to term a great teacher. The kind of teacher who is not all smiling faces and patronizing words but the one with a cane in hand and stern words. 2010 has never taught me through words, it put me in perhaps some of the tightest corners i had crawled into. I never came out without scars but the lessons have been enough to last me a long time into life. All these were on my mind after I said a goodnight to my mates and started walking home. The road stretched out cooling off after a little spell of misplaced showers. There was just the street lamps, the moths circling around them and me walking along it. This would be the best memory for this year for I loved the feel it gave me, the silence around me and the slightly hazy glare of the lights gave a dreamy feel to the entire surroundings.

I have never been good with resolutions for they to me are like the morning dew which vanishes with the sunlight.  A resolution stays for a week or two at the maximum to be washed out in the onrush of days. I hope to make a difference this time for I believe my theme for this year is solitude.Not because of the crazy walk at night but because I really crave for solitude’s company. It has forever been a slippery eel but someday I hope it shall swim to me.

Happy New Year to those who will chance on this post. And to 2010, thank you for all that you gave me. This post should have been titled “To 2010, with love” but i guess that is what a cliche is all about.