The Social Network

Laziness is something I like a score of humanity am blessed with, which means to say I have grown totally complacent over these eight months during which I have not as much as touched this space. Also ditched on the way side was twitter & the once-cool-now-obsolete Orkut.

There seems to be only facebook now, with everyone getting used to the way there are no more boundary walls of privacy. When you post a comment that “I had a bad headache”, there will be a good half to console you and another chunk of humanity to ask concerned questions. All of us seem to be getting used to the momentary comforts that this one social networking site can give us. Even I am, the laughs it gives me when any friend of mine uploads a picture and┬áreceives┬áscores of comments is simply too funny to miss. In college days, Orkut was the rage when guys used to scour the site to send invites to any girl who was careless enough to upload her own picture with probably a message ” I want to frndshap with you”.Orkut died its natural death in the cyber world of India and now serves to be more of a breeding ground from which teenagers graduate to Facebook.

It all serves to be a grim reminder of times to come when people will not probably want to have face-to-face conversation, will not want to read a book, will not want to even sleep a whole night without updating their social networking sites. I remember a scene from the movie Rang De Basanti where Anupam Kher tells a bored Siddharth on the SMS generation, where no conversation lasts more than four sentences. Many a case it has proved to be true as I have seen with my own eyes. All these sprang up in my mind when an acquaintance of my father’s came to vist, looked at my bookshelf, turned incredulously to me and said “You Read ?”. To my raised eyebrows in return, he said “It’s a rarity these days, I hope you keep this habit going”. I can only say I hope to….Lead me not into temptation, especially Facebook !!!