Boon ?? Bane ??

Essentially an evening on a weekday after work is a very lethargic one, by the time i move out of the couch in front of  the TV it would be well past 9. Today was a little different in the fact that a couple of relatives came over and almost as usual conversation turned to me spending a fair enough (an understatement !!) part of my remuneration on books and it was then that my aunt told me of an anecdote.

It was about a kid who refused to go to school even after being a class topper, i couldn’t understand as to what made such a person to shrink away from school. I kept the quizzical look on my face and she just turned to me and said ” she reads voraciously”..I was taken aback with that and erupted with the “wait just a can’t..” She just told me the rest of the story then, the parents used to buy the books that the kid wanted without looking at what they were. It so happened that the kid read and read books and leap dived into ideas that were to be reserved for a more mature and introspective mind at another point in time perhaps. It was a sad development that someone so young and at a time to be spent gambolling in the colors of life had elapsed into quietude and detachment from friends….was all this due to reading ??

Could be partly accounted to it, If i were to answer the question. Reading is but a step wise process and if one were to read on without reflecting on and spreading out what he/she gained, then its like wasting away one of life’s most priced possessions.  There is a flip side to it, if reading to some molds minds to polished re fineness then to some it warps the mind to something incomprehensible. It is the reader’s burden to make out what he needs from his books & it is my belief that it is the reader and not the book that makes a mind….


Escapism…Me…An Introspection

I wanted to write a post, but what I am writing now is not what I wanted to initially. The post I had in mind was about a thread for a journey that began one night at a home in Bangalore over a glass of Scotch and one that became reality in the rain lashed beaches of Goa. Of friends who had to turn away from a weekend of frolic by the unforgiving rain & of three  guys who were stuck in Goa but made the best out of it. But then, I wasn’t in the mood for recounting that memorable little journey. I was rightly in the mood of jotting a warped piece of my own madness.

We watched Kerala Cafe the other day and the character that stayed with me after the movie was one named Leon in a  tale titled Island Express. If you ask me why i liked him, I would not be able to articulate it well. Is it because he speaks a language I wish i could ?? Yes..Is it because he is quite unabashed in his sexuality ?? Yes…Is it because he is a Vagabond ?? Yes…Almost all these traits are against Malayalam cinema’s stereotype of a hero. Kiran on talking about the movie after it told me ” I knew you would like such a character, one that is quite far removed from the plane of reality!!” ( he wasn’t this literal but yes, this was the crux). I turned that phrase in my mind many a time and i strongly believe he was right. As a kid & growing up my heroes in the silver screen and on the page were always ones who bashed up thugs and saved the crying heroine, almost many a male chauvinist.

Through teenage some of the heroes were given colors of Feudalism in the Malayali society, not for them the niceties and iron hard rules of the society. Like any other teenager, I was drawn to the hero that defied the society and had a happily ever after life when the credits rolled. The realisation that the story is the real hero was something that was a revelation some years ago, but even now I am more of an escapist. In the sense, I dig into tales of fantasy where the author’s imagination takes leaps and bounds and is so disconnected with the real world. Ask me why & I am tongue could be the fact that real life could never be this interesting. It could be the fact that I refuse to accept the blandness of life….escapism has become a stamp on my reading habits….

This was a post without direction, I wanted to give vent to my verbal garble and let off some steam….Thanks to Kiran who gave me the idea.