A visit to the Zoo

After a gap of almost two years, i went to the trivandrum zoo a few days back. There was a time in my childhood when i almost waited for weekends on which i could get to visit it. The zoo was more or less a very orthodox form then, with the conventional cages and sullen looking animals behind them. Now the entire place has a new look that is more or less aesthetically appealing…

Am a big aficionado of wildlife be it on animal planet or in the flesh in a zoo. One image that left an imprint on my mind was seeing a zebra in an enclosure, the animal looked so distraught and forlorn being the only one in an enclosure built for a herd of them. Right next to it in another enclosure stood a giraffe more or less in the same predicament. An animal in a zoo is a helpless being. Although stray occurrences in which their primal instinct resurface do happen, summing up an animal in a zoo is more or less dependant on humans. Keeping an animal in a cage is torture in itself, i cannot even imagine the plight of an animal which is made to live its life alone in an enclosure.

There was a funny sight here too, an enclosure had a king cobra in it. It was peacefully in slumber in the mid day heat, people were making noises trying to attract its attention ( i wonder how many knew that it has no ears !!!) a friend who was walking with me wondered aloud ” What would have happened if the roles were reversed ??? “, truly something to ponder….